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Welcome to my Rental Services
Real Estate listings are all over the place and it may be a challenge for tenants to determine which are real and which are scam listings, and what is really available and what is not available. Renters seem to believe that if it is online - it is true. Scam artist have mastered the art of fooling people - and the world wide web is the playground for expert scammers. An experienced seasoned Realtor has the skills and the resources to find out the truth about properties. Recently a client who decided not to hire us, found a home in the internet and decided to move ahead without us. They sent a cashiers check to a post office box for $2,500. After seeing the mess of a house they called me and hired me. I do not know if they will ever get their $2,500 back. They came back and found a home on the first try within a few hours after hiring our services.

If you are not a Real Estate agent - you should always have a Realtor when you buy, sell or rent real estate. Please understand that the Realtor needs to get paid in order to provide you this service.

For those of you that do not understand the value of our services, expect to look around, drive around, call around to multiple locations for only God knows how long. Prepare to submit credit application after credit application on every single house you apply for. And you may not get it. Prepare to get frustrated when you drive from house to house only to find out that the information on the website was absolutely not true, and there is no one held accountable for it. Risk getting ripped off. Don't blame the Real estate business for the mishap when you did not hire a professional to help you navigate through the fog.

It is also difficult for agents to know who is real and who is not real as a client. We are aware that there are those who want to use us for free and never - ever have any intentions of ever doing business with us. In many cases - fake clients have the same attributes:

  • They really have no money

  • They are just curious about a house

  • They think Realtors can drive around as tour guides for free

  • They are "Fake" Realtors using us to get information for them

  • They are snooping and using agents to help

Thus, we have found the best way to determine who is seriously looking to find a home to rent, or lease purchase

  • They are cooperative

  • They want to hire us to work for them (Brokerage Agreement)

  • They are willing to tell us the truth

  • They are willing to provide proof that we need

  • They are willing to pay our fee

  • They expect good service and get it

  • They don't mind referring us to family and friends

  • They come back to us when they want to buy

Real Estate agents are your best bet in finding a home. But, we may not always be certain we will get paid after working to help you find a home. Sometimes sellers or landlord, do not want to pay, or they pay so little it is not worth our time. We cannot afford to provide rental service without some compensation from the tenant.

Often clients cannot rent because their credit is too bad. That is why most Realtors do not work with rentals. Moreover, sometimes clients jump from agent to agent. Other times Clients stop by homes on the side of the road and we can't go in those houses. Our home search is organized based on your special circumstances. We often get clients approved when they have been denied again and again. But, it requires time, effort skill and determination.

Therefore, we work with clients who are committed to working with us. Each agent on the Team only work with one or two clients at a time on a first come first serve basis. So, Click the link below to hire us to represent you, and then we can move forward to finding you a home, Payment does not guarantee you will find a house. Our professional skills, our time, and our transportation cost are not refundable, therefore our fee is non refundable. But it guarantees that our team will be working for you to help you find one. While payments are nonrefundable we have some nice perks to make it worth your while. Aside from great service we will give you a $500 credit when you purchase a home from us, or you can join of our webinars on the credit renovation and the home buying process for no charge. We hope your next transaction is to purchase a home or a business, and we want you to remember us.
Also, 1 hour Credit evaluation and consultation included in the service fee

The process is as follows:

  • Complete the registration by clicking the link below (Upon notification of payment I will send you the agreement)

  • Sign the brokerage agreement

  • Return the rental application

  • Determine your must move dates

  • Determine your credit and credit scores

  • Decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need

  • You must decide where you want to live first

  • Review the listings I send you and search for homes on my website

  • Determine how much money you have for your home, move and utilities

  • Be sure you have at least the first months rent, the security deposit and an application fee for each adult who will move into the new home..

  • Determine which day and time you will be available - I prefer 48 hours notice

  • Complete our questionnaire so we can get you on schedule

  • Do not bring anyone more than two adults, and you will drive your own car

  • Confirm by text and a phone call the day before

  • Be on time. In many cases we will have appointments to see these homes.

When our agents cannot show you the property, other agents may be hired to show them. We will hire and pay the other agents.- remember they are showing agents only. You will remain our client.
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Rental Application
Most homes that are listed in the Georgia MLS service or the FMLS service will require a credit application to be completed. You will have to complete an application for each adult who intend to move into the home.

Different owners have different requirements. Most owners will require background checks and credit checks.
If you have been evicted from a home, you will not qualify in most cases, especially if the eviction was recent.

There may be options but they are not guaranteed. We will try my best to find a homeowner that will work with you.

Brokerage Agreement
In order to represent you, Georgia Real Estate Commission requires a brokerage agreement is established between you the tenant, and the brokerage firm/agent that is representing you. Once we have received your payment we will send the brokerage agreement for your signature.

The agreement is pre prepared with legal information by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. We will merely fill in the blanks where it is required in blue so you can clearly see what was added, and what was already in the contract. It will be sent via e-sign so follow the prompts to read, click to sign, and then confirm.