As a Business Finance and specialist, I can tell you "Don't Despair, the money is there" Because, there are several different ways to fund your business. One of the easiest and quickest loans is called a Revenue loan:
Personal credit score cannot be below 550. Client must not have too many NSF's in business bank account, must have at least 5 monthly deposits and maintain a balance. The next loan is the Term Loan:
Good personal and business credit (if any). Good cash flow required (projections for franchise startups). Good household income helps. Collateral helps, though not required. Equipment leasing funding: Clients obtain equipment leases. Works for a broad variety of equipment, and even potentially can go towards an store remodel.

SBA Express loans

A low interest loan from a bank or a non bank lender with some collateral provided in the form of a government guarantee. Ranges from $300k to $5mm. Typically 5 to 7 year loans from 6% to 7% interest.

Must have good business history and cash flow, good biz-owner credit, and some down payment and good collateral. Only acceptable starts are franchises on the SBA approved list.

Grant Writing
There are many other ways to fund your business. One of them is by applying for grants. This can be extremely time consuming and some require you follow specific guidelines when you get the money. There are thousands of dollars in Grant money available but someone has to find it , and apply for it for you. I have been affective in helping clients get grant money. I continue to advocate for businesses old and new to see what is available and try to get some of it and stay debt free whenever possible. The Grant writing team can help you find grants and we will also write the proposals to help you get your grants