Credit Matters

Have you ever wondered why you get denied credit, jobs, insurance, homes?

Over 98% of clients that contact me regarding buying or renting a real estate are confused about their credit. In the past I have taken the time to explain the basics to very appreciative customers. Unfortunately we cannot do business, when there are credit issues, which leaves me scrambling to make up for lost time trying to screen for a client that is ready, willing and able to purchase a home. For realtors and loan officers we lose time and money training consumers on what they should know, but unfortunately the majority does not know.

By popular request of clients I have helped, I am hosting a webinar & Classes on credit; the basics, establishing repairing credit and rebuilding credit. The panic, the tears and the shear frustration is caused because the mystery of credit is extremely mind-boggling to so many people when they are denied home ownership. These include highly educated people as well as the average worker. If you, your clients, or anyone you know have been struggling with the ‘Mysterious” issues of credit, please register for the webinar & Classes: Credit; “Mystery” Solved. You will like the privacy of the webinar and the convenience of following along with me as you learn the step by step process of changing your life, one credit bureau at a time. Register now - Webinars start August 1 and will be conducted daily for your convenience.