Enjoy your Georgia Real estate agent or REALTOR® With confidence

Real estate is one of the most highly regulated professions. When you contract with a licensed Real Estate Agent or REALTOR® your trained professional is not operating under their own guidelines, but the guidelines set forth by their state Real estate commissions. Additionally A REALTOR® is governed by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, (The Code) which are above and beyond state law and the Georgia Real Estate Commission.
The trademark word REALTOR itself, in caps, with the symbol ® “REALTOR®” can only be used by those who have taken the oath and the ethics training. There is also a registration fee to become a member of the National, State and local board of Realtors, the nonprofit organizations that govern REALTORS®. There are continuing education, seminars, leadership training and an annual convention provided by the National, State and local board of Realtors. As a licensed real estate broker, (licensee) and REALTOR® in the state of Georgia, I am authorized to use the trademark.
It took years of experience to be good at what I do – and I am still learning. When I had the opportunity to work with skilled agents, especially REALTOR® I noticed that there was a difference in the quality of the service. It took many years and many types of transactions and many types of clients to truly call myself a professional in this business. Additionally, my experiences in other professions complement the services I can provide my clients. So, below are a few things that will help you enjoy your realtor with confidence.
·First and foremost, look for an agent that has experience. What type of other experiences does the Realtor have that will make them more knowledgeable for your objective?
·Sign a brokerage agreement with your agent within 24 hours of deciding to let them WORK FOR YOU. This lets the agent know you are a serious buyer and they prioritize you accordingly to the client list. No realtor is supposed to advise you with out a written brokerage agreement.
Please understand that your agent’s only objective is to get you what you want. There is no other purpose of signing a contract with you. Some agents fight vigorously for their clients to get the deals and the prices they want. But that may not always result in getting the deal. Many factors are involved in getting the home you want.

What you want may not be available yet
What you see on marketing sites may not be true
What you want may not be in your price range
Your agent wants you to find exactly what you want
If your agent advices you against a deal, trust them enough to dig deeper, but don’t get angry, she/may save you from disaster
Your agent really cares and will try to protect you from getting a bad deal. That is their main goal aside from helping you find your dream home or best investment property.

In many cases, it may take many tries in this competitive market to get the deal. Sometimes you have to bid faster, bid for more or don’t ask for a long due diligence period or closing cost to win the bid. This is a competitive yet exciting time to purchase real estate. You should enjoy your realtor with confidence and not operate from a position of doubt, or fear. We look forward to seeing the smile on your face when you close on your home. The information on lots of sites that buyers search are not accurate and true. Tell the agents what you want, and when they search they are search information based on what is really available, in the price range that you want.