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Owning Real estate is the cornerstone of wealth. Real estate is a tangible asset that can be used to generate long term, short term and generational cash for you, your business and your family.  As a REALTOR® I see small businesses fall apart and small businesses thrive, I see family dreams fall apart and family dreams  thrive. Often the starting point is equal but the many never make it to the finish line. 

Every new business should have a mentor or a coach to make sure they cover the most important factors of starting and operating a business.  Three key factors must be considered when starting or developing a business;and should be included in the business plan. The first is how will the business be funded. Next where will the business be located. And third your online location and web presence.   I have had experience in all three and can help you in locating Real Estate for your business, funding for your business and getting your web locations established.

Brandi Callum REALTOR®/Broker Associate