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REALTOR® , Consultant, Writer and Filmmaker


Owning Real estate is the cornerstone of wealth.  Real estate is the tangible asset that can be used to generate long term, short term and generational wealth;  and liquid cash for you, your business and your family.


As a REALTOR® , it is a  blessing to have the knowledge and skills to help so many people from all walks of life to find the home or homes of their dreams.

We love the excitement, and the joy of handing buyers their keys and sellers their checks.  It may not be an easy path for everyone, but we will stay the course with our buyers, sellers, investors and lease purchase clients.



We provide real estate consultation in our offices, and help our clients get down payment assistance if possible.  We teach our clients what to do and what to expect every step of the way including the most important factors of  qualifying for a mortgage. With some 20 years in financial services, we can help with locating real estate for your personal or business portfolio, and help you understand the steps in securing financing.  As a skilled negotiator, credit consultant and former mortgage professional, I am able to help more clients who come to me and are willing to learn and cooperate as necessary through the process. Ultimately, in real estate  these skills matter. 

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